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The Ultimate Marauders Era RPG
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Marauders Era RPG

Set in the mid 1970’s, Hogwarts’ pupils are carrying on as they ever did, though with four infamous characters in their midst: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. A new trend is appearing within certain gifted circles of students; formulating their own bands of Dark Arts Societies with the apparent intent of being worthy of joining the arising power of a mysteriously anonymous source. With the pupils of Slytherin, in particular, being intrigued by the promise of a better future for all Purebloods, it is falling to certain bodies within both students and faculty to contain the wayward notions and threats presented.

Our community accepts and contains both canons and OC’s to role play the peripheral events of the marauders era occurring in their 6th year. Applications are mandatory and should be posted under a LJ Cut in the OOC Journal which is located here:marauders_ooc_. After consideration by the mod’s, requests may or may not be filled.

1) All Posts must be correct English; meaning no net speak when in character (IC).
2) All Posts must contain correct spelling and grammar.
3) A separate character journal will be required for the sake of RP reference.
4) The journals that correspond to the RP should be considered a template to play out the events of the era, and no mention of “muggle technology” should be used unless directly pertaining to the plotline. In other words, treat them like you would a real hand written journal.
5) All journals should be “Friends Only”; we’ve had bad experiences with spammers in the past and don’t wish to inflict such individuals on our members. If you require a “FO” banner, the mod’s can help you out with it.
6) Be active! Without regular participation from members the RP goes nowhere, so we would like at least one RP post a week if possible. We don’t put guidelines on how often you update your character journal - that’s your business.
7) Be relatively realistic and consider that you are RP’ing within JK Rowling’s Hp `verse. We do understand that not a lot is known of the Marauders era, so feel free to embellish within reason.
8) We’re a slash friendly community, allowing our members to feel free to carry out same sex relationships.
9) Reading as many previous posts as possible is a definite help in allowing characters to conform to the plot line developing, and is encouraged regularly.
10) Do not flame fellow RP’ers on a personal level. We know that certain characters don’t get on and that the house rivalries exist, but there’s no reason to go out of your way to insult a person playing a character. If this happens you will be removed for the sake of everyone involved.

(To be posted as an entry in the marauders_ooc_ please)

Personal Information:-
E-mail Address:
Personal Journal:

Character Information:-
House of preference:
Wand Details:
Defining Qualities:
Played By:(This is the celebrity/model you are using to represent the character you are playing. It’s so we don't get any duplicates.)

Sample Post.

Write a brief sample of your RP’ing technique here; preferably a minimum of two paragraphs spell checked properly for viewing by the mod’s. Prepare to receive constructive criticism if necessary.

Taken Canon Characters:

black_ambition Bellatrix Black (6th Year)
black_glamour Narcissa Black (6th Year)
_dogstar_ Sirius Black (6th Year)
moony_inc Remus Lupin (6th Year)
__prongs__ James Potter (6th Year)
shameless_rat Peter Pettigrew (6th Year)
rocking_red Lily Evans (6th Year)
black_nobility Regulus Black (5th Year)
lestrangeness Rodolphus Lestrange (7th Year)
serpentine_king Lucius Malfoy (7th Year)
_androraven Andromeda Black (5th Year)
young_amelia Amelia Susan Bones (5th Year)
molly_prewett Molly Prewett (7th Year)
secretskeeter Rita Skeeter (7th Year)

Available Canon Characters:

James Potter (6th Year)
Sirius Black (6th Year)
Remus Lupin (6th Year)
Lily Evans (6th Year)
Peter Pettigrew (6th Year)
Molly Prewett (N/A)
Gideon Prewett (5th Year)
Fabian Prewett (7th Year)
Arthur Weasley (N/A)

(Footnote: Molly and Arthur would have finished Hogwarts by this time, but we have decided to include them if anyone would like to take them.)

Amos Diggory (7th Year)
Frank Longbottom (7th Year)

Rita Skeeter (7th Year)
Amelia Susan Bones (5th Year)
Andromeda Black (5th Year)

Lucius Malfoy (N/A)
Rodolphus LeStrange (7th Year)
Severus Snape (6th Year) (reserved)
Rabastan LeStrange (5th Year)
Regulus Black (5th Year)
Walden Macnair (7th Year)
Crabbe (Sr.) (6th Year)
Goyle (Sr.) (6th Year)

(Footnote: As with Arthur and Molly, Lucius would have left during this period, however we felt that he would a valuable asset to the RP, and is therefore open for adoption. He should be played as a 7th Year Slytherin.)

Mod’s and Contact Info:

1)black_ambition Bellatrix Black
OOC Journal: darkenedgaze
E-Mail: Beautyofevil@Yahoo.com

2)black_glamour Narcissa Black
OOC Journal: retroism
E-Mail: Princess_Slytherin@hotmail.com

3)_dogstar_ Sirius Black
OOC Journal: malfoymation
E-Mail: Reclusive_Hero@Hotmail.com