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By the Lake, Early Morning.

James and Lily walked around the Lake, their soft footfalls the only sound for miles, apart from the occasional cry of an owl.
The surface of the lake was smooth and had the appearance for glass, reflecting the castle behind them.
The pair paused, Lily, looking into it's black depths, was un-sure of what to say.
James shuffled a little causing Lily to look up at him, her emerald green eyes staring into his hazel ones.
Realizing the implication of her staring she blushed slightly before looking away.
"Lily?” He said, in a smooth voice, breaking the silence.
"Yes?” She answered, her gaze never leaving the lake's surface.
"Why won't you go to the ball with me?” James asked, sounding, for one of the first times, sincere, and genuinely upset.
Lily sighed, seeing their reflection in the lake. James was staring at her she noted, waiting the answer. An answer she couldn't give him for fear of hurting his feelings.
"I, just can't James, it wouldn't work.” Was all she could say, still watching herself and him in the lake, she saw the hurt on his face become apparent. He hesitatingly raised a hand to her shoulder, placing it there lightly.
Lily turned and regarded him with large almond shaped eyes.
"Let's go in, it's freezing out here.” Was all Lily could muster.
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