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The Great Hall: Breakfast time.

The sun was young when Bellatrix sat down at the Slytherin breakfast table. She was at the far end, alone, as usual. She was always an early riser; she liked the bit of peace, the calm before the storm so to speak before the rest of the student body arrived, causing havoc and making her irritable. It wasn’t that she disliked humanity on the whole; it was simply the people she couldn’t stand.


The eldest daughter, although not by much, she had always had the opportunity to sneak off and be alone, or with her father whom she worshiped and respected above all else in the family. She had grown accustomed to her well deserved alone time.


So, understandably she scowled when the majority of the other houses started appearing at in the Great Hall, getting ready for the first meal of the day.  She saw her cousin Sirius make his way to the Gryffindor table with the other 3 fools he called friends and the rest of the Lion house. Most of the other Slytherin’s kept their distance as they entered, it was well known that if you weren’t part of Bella’s elite circle of friends you were hardly recognised, regardless of what colour your tie was.


“Morning Sister.” Came the instantly recognisable voice of Narcissa as she sat down next door to Bellatrix.


Bella smiled to the blonde.


“Morning. Sleep well?”


“Very well thank you.” Came the reply.


Bella nodded and glanced down the now nearly full breakfast table, her dark eyes rested on Rodolophus, her date for the ball and, she hated to say it, her recent crush. He caught her gaze and gave her a smile Bella returned it.


“Why don’t you go have breakfast with him?” Asked Narcissa as the breakfast appeared.


“If he wishes to eat with me he can come over here.” Said the ever aloof Miss Black.


“Well said” Said her sister as she too looked to Rodolophus only her eyes rested on the blonde 7th year that was seated to his right. “Although it would be nice.”


Bellatrix raised an eyebrow, but she couldn’t find the words to disagree.

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