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By the Lake, Early Morning. [20 Dec 2004|11:44pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

James and Lily walked around the Lake, their soft footfalls the only sound for miles, apart from the occasional cry of an owl.
The surface of the lake was smooth and had the appearance for glass, reflecting the castle behind them.
The pair paused, Lily, looking into it's black depths, was un-sure of what to say.
James shuffled a little causing Lily to look up at him, her emerald green eyes staring into his hazel ones.
Realizing the implication of her staring she blushed slightly before looking away.
"Lily?” He said, in a smooth voice, breaking the silence.
"Yes?” She answered, her gaze never leaving the lake's surface.
"Why won't you go to the ball with me?” James asked, sounding, for one of the first times, sincere, and genuinely upset.
Lily sighed, seeing their reflection in the lake. James was staring at her she noted, waiting the answer. An answer she couldn't give him for fear of hurting his feelings.
"I, just can't James, it wouldn't work.” Was all she could say, still watching herself and him in the lake, she saw the hurt on his face become apparent. He hesitatingly raised a hand to her shoulder, placing it there lightly.
Lily turned and regarded him with large almond shaped eyes.
"Let's go in, it's freezing out here.” Was all Lily could muster.

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[19 Dec 2004|08:13pm]

James stood by the lake, a soft sigh escaping his lips. He had to be calm for Lily by her request for their walk. Of course he could do it, he'd do nearly anything for her. Only, he was a bit worried he might make a slip up. No matter. He was bundled warmly in his winter robes, but even so, he was a bit cold. Though, he warmed up at a sight of the redhead approaching him. It didn't feel real that he'd actually be able to go on a walk with her. After five years, he'd only dreamed of getting an alone time with her such as this. " Lily! " He waved to her, that smirk approaching onto his face, but it wasn't a mischivious smirk like it normally was. In fact, it was quite pleasant.
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[14 Dec 2004|09:14pm]

Marlene yawned as she walked into the great hall feeling like she was still half asleep as she made her way over to the Gryffindor table. Unsure of where she wanted to sit today she looked around the table and noticed empty spot next to Molly.
"Mornin'Molly. How are you this fine morning?" She asked as she sat down and proceeded to help herself to a muffin and a bowl of fruit.
She spared a quick glance over to Remus and gave him a shy smile when he looked over at her.
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Breakfast [14 Dec 2004|07:22pm]

Molly joined the other Gryffindors in the Great Hall followed closely by Sirius, James, Remus and Peter. As she helped herself to some toast and bacon, James and Sirius launched into a heavy discussion of their Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson from the day before. Molly on the other hand was busy studying for her Ancient Runes test that she was having later on.
"Have you noticed that Rita has been heavily interested in what the Slytherins are up to Remus? James asked.
"Yeah I have. Do you think she knows what they've been doing?
"Possibly. She may be our key in finding out what they are doing and finally crack the mystery."
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[12 Dec 2004|06:58pm]

Rita went down to breakfast a little later than the other Ravenclaws . She had been up late finishing her Charms homework and by the time she woke up, all the girls in her dormitory were gone. She rushed in getting dressed and cramming her homework into her bag, and then ran down to breakfast. As she was turning down a hallway, she heard whispers echoing towards her. Pausing (she always loved a good secret!), she silently made her way down the hall towards the whisperers. It was the two Slytherin Black sisters, Narcissa and Bellatrix. She heard the words "pure blood" and "half-bloods" but couldn't make out much more as the girls made their way into the Great Hall.

There had been funny things in the news about a dark group forming and killing muggles and half-bloods. Could the Black sisters possibly know anything about it?

As she entered the Great Hall, she passed by the Slytherin table. The Black girls were now in a group that included Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Rodolphus Lestrange, among others. They all had their heads together and looked very excited. What was going on?

When she reached the Ravenclaw table, she noticed Andromeda Black sitting by herself, reading a book and occasionally making glances up at the boy Peter Pettigrew. Were Pettigrew and Andromeda a thing? Rita shook her head and decided she'd find out about Andy's romantic situation at another time. Cracking the Slytherin mystery was more important. Andromeda might know something. After all, she was related. She sat down next to Andy and reached for a plate of bacon.

"Morning, Andy," Rita said.

"Morning, Rita," Andy answered. "Try the porridge. It's good today."

"I will," Rita promised. "Hey, I was just wondering... are you close at all with your sisters?"

Andy half-glanced over at the Slytherin table, and then back down at her book. "No. They were pretty dissapointed that I wasn't in Slytherin, and they don't really talk to me too much. I'm not 'good' enough, I don't think."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Rita said. Damn! That was a busted lead.

Oh well, she'd find out information another way. She settled back to eat her bacon as she heard the whooshing of air that announced the arrival of the mail.
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[08 Dec 2004|02:06pm]

Today: Morning
Where: Great Hall

Peter Pettigrew walked into the Great Hall beind his three fellow classmates and best friends, James, Sirius,and Remus. James was talking to Remus about some sort of activity we would do next time we were at the Shrieking Shack. Peter and Sirius were in dissusion about the upcoming Yule Ball.
"are you sure my dress robes are alright Sirius?"
Sirius trying with out much sucess to not laugh slapped him on the back "sure my friend, periwinkle blue suits you"
Peter gave him a wary look and then glanced over at the ravenclaw table to sirius's cousin, Andy "I dont want to embarass Andy. Maybe if I convince my mom traditional robes only...."
Sirius shook his head a little bored with the conversation
They sat down at the corner of the table as the 3 friends talked animatedly about quiddich something Peter was not to fond of. He stated to glance around the great all., his eyes looking at Andy's two slytherin sister,Bella and Narcissa. All the slytherins were pretty quiet, and there was something going on. He looked over to his friends again.

Maybe they would respect him if he was the one who opened up all the slytherins secrets. If he could find out then maybe the guys would really accept him as one of his best friends, and not sort of the odd one. He smiled to himself and took a muffin and nibbled at it in thought.

James said "hey peter, what are you doing"
"thinking" Peter replied
James ruffled peter's hair, "you might hurt yourself" laughed at his own joke along with the other guys

Peter smoothed his hair let a sheepish grin escape his face and listened to the story james was telling dramtically and loudy, a scowling Lily in the background.
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The Great Hall: Breakfast time. [07 Dec 2004|05:30pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

The sun was young when Bellatrix sat down at the Slytherin breakfast table. She was at the far end, alone, as usual. She was always an early riser; she liked the bit of peace, the calm before the storm so to speak before the rest of the student body arrived, causing havoc and making her irritable. It wasn’t that she disliked humanity on the whole; it was simply the people she couldn’t stand.


The eldest daughter, although not by much, she had always had the opportunity to sneak off and be alone, or with her father whom she worshiped and respected above all else in the family. She had grown accustomed to her well deserved alone time.


So, understandably she scowled when the majority of the other houses started appearing at in the Great Hall, getting ready for the first meal of the day.  She saw her cousin Sirius make his way to the Gryffindor table with the other 3 fools he called friends and the rest of the Lion house. Most of the other Slytherin’s kept their distance as they entered, it was well known that if you weren’t part of Bella’s elite circle of friends you were hardly recognised, regardless of what colour your tie was.


“Morning Sister.” Came the instantly recognisable voice of Narcissa as she sat down next door to Bellatrix.


Bella smiled to the blonde.


“Morning. Sleep well?”


“Very well thank you.” Came the reply.


Bella nodded and glanced down the now nearly full breakfast table, her dark eyes rested on Rodolophus, her date for the ball and, she hated to say it, her recent crush. He caught her gaze and gave her a smile Bella returned it.


“Why don’t you go have breakfast with him?” Asked Narcissa as the breakfast appeared.


“If he wishes to eat with me he can come over here.” Said the ever aloof Miss Black.


“Well said” Said her sister as she too looked to Rodolophus only her eyes rested on the blonde 7th year that was seated to his right. “Although it would be nice.”


Bellatrix raised an eyebrow, but she couldn’t find the words to disagree.

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[27 Nov 2004|05:57pm]

As Molly walked across the castle grounds she noticed Regalus and Rodolphus talking in extremely low voices. She knew something was up, just not what yet. "Hey, Molly come here for a minute." called Sirius. Molly walked over to where he, James, Peter and Remus were sitting under a large beech tree. "Have you noticed that Regalus and Rodolphus have been talking in whispered voices a lot lately?" asked Remus. "Yeah, I have." Molly answered. "Well, I think we should have a long discussion tonight in the common room after everybody goes to bed." stated Sirius.

That night in the common room, Molly, James, Peter, Remus, and Sirius sat around the fire in deep discussion of recent events. "Well, I think that the Slytherins are up to something illegal" Sirius said. All the others agreed with this statement. "Lately the Slytherins have been really secretive and talking in hushed voices while they are walking along the corridors and on the grounds." Once again the others agreed. "Well, I think we are all in very real danger. I don't think Hogwarts is as safe as it once seemed anymore and even Professor McGonagall thinks something is up because I pulled her aside and asked her yesterday after Transfiguration." James added. "I think that we should all be on the alert untill we hear something different." With that the group got up and climbed the stairs to their respected dormitories.

The next morning in the Great Hall, Molly recieved her copy of the Daily Prophet and started reading aloud to Sirius, James, Peter and Lupin. "Here's an article about more strange things that are happening" pointed out Sirius. "More muggle deaths have been reported in the town of Little Whinging, and even more wizard deaths, the Minister of Magic told the Prophet yesterday." "You know, I wonder if this has anything to do with what the Slytherins are doing?" pondered James. "I say, another discussion is needed tonight in the common room." The others agreed and finished their breakfasts and headed to thier classes.
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[25 Nov 2004|06:13pm]

Regulus crossed the courtyard and went over to where the rest of his friends sat talking about the upcoming Yule Ball. Rodolphus was there with his nose in a book; Regulus needed to see him later to talk about the first meeting of their Dark Arts group. Then there was Bellatrix and Narciss, his cousins, talking together about what they were going to wear to the Ball and...As he came closer he could hear snatches of their conversation such as was not drowned out by the howl of the wind. They were talking about his brother, Srius. Regulus' eyes narrowed. The shame of the Black family.

Sitting down beside Rodolphus, the older student looked up briefly from his book and nodded to the younger. Regulus leaned forward and spoke in a low voice.

"The meetings," he said. "When is the first one going to start?" Rodolphus didn't look up form his book as he answered in the same low voice.

"Not here," he said tersely. "When we're in the common room, I'll tell everyone there. We must be careful," he added.

Regulus murmured his confirmation of the other's words and was deep in thought for a moment or two. Then, nodding to himself, he got up, walked around Rodolphus and sat down next to Bella and Narcissa, hoping to engage them in conversation.
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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Presents.. [20 Nov 2004|07:24pm]


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Important Notice. [18 Nov 2004|06:38pm]

[ mood | drained ]

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